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Weight-loss Challenge: Celebrate your mini-goals with non-food rewards

Rather than focus on the total amount of weight you need to lose, which can be very overwhelming, establish short-term, manageable “mini-goals" to keep you going strong.  Today, and every Sunday to follow, set 1 or 2 definitive objectives for the week ahead. These can either be pound goals, like “lose 2 pounds this week”, or other weight loss goals such as “don’t snack after dinner this week” or “cook two new healthy recipes this week.” The key is to make your targets very concrete and measurable. When you accomplish one of your goals, treat yourself to a non-food reward, such as a manicure, 10-minute massage, new book, or movie night with a friend.

Achieving these mini-goals will constantly remind you that hard work does pay off … and refresh your motivation so you don’t abandon your resolution.

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